Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Welcome to 1598 New Mexico

Juan de Oñate and a number of soldier settlers and some of their families, came to New Mexico in 1598. I descend from eleven of these families. In the interest of finding out more about my ancestors, I have tried to investigate each family genealogically in order to see how they lived, what church they attended and if they were buried, what cemetery they might have been buried at.

I also enjoy history and do quite a bit of historical research that pertains to New Mexico from 1598-1821; at times I work past 1821 to Statehood of 1912. Ive also researched some incredible women in my ancestry, they have left significant legacies in New Mexico and I love to share their stories.

I've been lucky to have soldiers in my life. I give them all, a bunch of credit for serving their country and because of them, I do quite a bit of colonial military research using New Mexico records.

Thanks for visiting 1598 New Mexico.

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