Wednesday, December 21, 2011

San Miguel del Bado in the 18th Century

In the latest New Mexico Historical Review, there is a wonderful article on San Miguel and San Jose del Vado, written by Thomas C. Windes. One item is a good map showing some of the small towns that no longer exist, such as Garanbulo. Mr. Windes also gives a great overview of the history, photos of the church, mapping of the plaza at San Miguel and San Jose; and what the archeological findings. Some tree rings date back to the late 1780's and might have come from Pecos. [Fall 2011 86:4, pgs. 461-489]

He goes on to explain the migration, trade and how the people lived. Their interactions with Indians and population changes. I will be rereading this over several times, just to see how my family fits into this story.

The article itself fits in nicely with what John Kessell wrote in his Kiva, Cross and Crown. Taking the text from here, it seems that there might be some additional data about these two villages that could be useful to genealogists. I hightly recommend reading this article if you have any ancestry that passed or lived in this area.

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