Friday, December 9, 2011

Roybal & Fariña

In Salt Lake, at the Family History Library, I decided to study a book titled Blasones y Linajes de Galicia, in four volumes, the area of Galicia. Volume II, has the Fariña name and the one that stands out is the one bolded "Los de la Casa de Buzaca" - This is important as Ygnacio Roybal's mother Elena Cruz, is from this Fariña line.

D. Domingo Fariña fue secretario del S. O., t.p.h.a. (tuvo por hijos):
4. Da Dominga Fariña que se caso D. Antonio Ruoibal.

From that I went to the section in Volume IV called Ruibal. It states there that the family is from Tuy, and they derive from the family of Don Pedro Regalado de Silva Ruibal (o Ruybal). This appears to be a later family than Pedro Roybal Torrado, and they use the Silva Ruibal quite often. All this information needs to be studied further in order to tie them to Pedro Roybal Torrado and Elena de la Cruz.

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