Wednesday, December 28, 2011

November 3, 1780 Pojoaque ~ Medina and Romero marry

On this day, Jose Antonio Medina, single, legitimate son of Pasqual Medina and Manuela Bargas, both deceased, with Juana Gertrudis, doncella, legitimate daughter of Juan Baptista Romero, deceased and Lugarda Mestas, all españoles and residents of this jurisdiction; witnesses: Juan Antonio Paez, Antonio Jose de Oliba, Antonio Barela and Jose Manuel Vegil, their padrinos were Ygnacio Madrid and his wife Josefa Alari. [FHL# 16870, pg. 2-3]

May 4, 1783, Pablo with Maria Victoria, Indians of the Pueblo of Nambe, witnesses: Juan Fural Jemonezo and Eusebio with the many people from the Pueblo. [FHL# 16870, pg. 2-3]

So what happened to the marriages from November 1780 to May 3, 1783? This is an area, where the priest might have recorded marriages in San Yldefonso, Nambe, Santa Cruz and possibly Santa Fe. In order to try and fill in the gaps a researcher will need to look at all the churches within a huge circle to see if they can find Pojoaque marriages.

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