Thursday, December 29, 2011

Juan Ortiz - Will in Santa Fe, NM 1865

November 13, 1865, Santa Fe Wills – Ortiz

On August 20, 1865, at Placer de Dolores, Juan Ortiz, a resident of this county of Santa Fe, is making his last will and testament. He notes his wife is Maria Paula Ortiz and names her and his son, Antonio Ortiz, as executors of his estate. He names his children as Antonio, Maria de la Luz, Juan, Josefa, Cayetano and Susano, who are four bachelor men (barones) and two girls. He was married to Maria Paula for 22 years. He signed the will and a seal was on that actual paper. Juan goes on in the subsequent documents and names his oldest son, Antonio Jose de la Cruz Garcia y Ortiz and his wife as Maria Paula Ortiz y Martinez. I’m not sure where the Garcia part comes in, but he uses that again when he orders that, his son, Cayetano Garcia y Ortiz turn over half the ranch in Pojoaque, but doesn’t say to whom, just upon his death. By November 13, 1865, Maria Paula Ortiz and her son Antonio J. Ortiz are submitting the final probate papers to the court and yet we find another Ortiz as the Probate Judge, Antonio Ortiz y Salazar. The sum of his estate was $10,000. The witnesses were Jose Serafin Ramirez, Aban Nieto and Guillermo Roybal, all sign their names to the document. [Santa Fe Probate Books, pgs. 249-253]

Maria Paula's mother was a Martin(ez), so that makes total sense. The puzzle is where does the Garcia, as part of the surname, fit into all this?

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