Saturday, December 10, 2011

Evidence For Marriages in the Military Orders

Found another book loosely translated as Evidence for marriage contracts in the Orders of Calatrava, Alcantara y Montesa, by Maria Angeles Perez Castaneda y Maria Dolores Couto de Leon. The Orden de Calatrava, pg. 36 has a citation for Casteneda and Miera, pg. 96 under Miera they have the following: Victoria Castaneda Gutierrez de la Arena Miera, Selaya 1707; with her parents as Juan Jose de Miera Castaneda and Jacinta Gutierrez de la Arena and so that she can marry with Fernando Manuel Gonzalez de Castaneda. The book doesn't tell us where these records come from, but a good possibility is the National Library in Madrid. Possible leads for Miera, Arce, Castaneda families in Santander.

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